Best Adult Sex Board Games for Adults Couples and Parties

Adult sex board games can be fun and spice up things for couples and at parties. When the participants of board games for adults get into it, it can bring out fun and exciting sides of couples and participants of parties.

Sexy Adult Sex Games - Sex! The Board Game
Sexy Adult Sex Games – Sex! The Board Game

Sex! The Board Game

A Million Ways To Get Laid! – Best Sex Board Games for Adults

Seduce your sweetie with this hot and steamy adult board game! Roll the dice and engage your lover in foreplay as you move around the board. Answer naughty sex trivia questions to collect sexual position cards. When you have 6 cards, carry out the fantasy! There are over 1,000,000 possible ways to win this hot adult board game! For 2 players.
Land on the specialty dice space, and you’ll roll two erotic game dice. One gives you a part of the body, i.e., ‘neck’ or ‘lips’. The next tells you where to perform that action, i.e., ‘suck’ or ‘stroke’!

Best Board Games For Adults - Oral Sex Game
Best Board Games For Adults – Oral Sex Game

Oral Sex Game

That’s right––you’re more likely to give or RECEIVE oral sex if you play this game! You and your partner move lube-filled game pieces around the board––as you tease and tantalize each other! The first one to reach THE TONGUE gets ORAL SEX! So easy and fun, you’ll wonder why you haven’t played this game before!

Best Board Games For Adults - Fantasy Affairs Game
Best Board Games For Adults – Fantasy Affairs Game

Fantasy Affairs Game

Romantic Adult Sexy Board Game Gets You Hot Fantasy Sex!
Play with your lover like never before! This hot adult board game leads you both effortlessly into the realm of erotic fantasy and roleplay. Explore classics – like the naughty housewife seducing the handyman – or go right for the racier and become a strip club patron eager for a private dance! This hot sex game is fun and romantic for two very intimate players.

Best Board Games For Adults - Bedroom Rockstar Game
Bedroom Rockstar Game

Bedroom Rock Star – Groovy Game Gets You Rock & Roll Sex!

Want to be a real rock star in the bedroom? All you need is your lover and this sexy adult board game! The Bedroom Rockstar Game will have you both competing for rock star status and showstopping sex! Spin to see how far you can go, then pick a card and perform the naughty sexual activities listed. Show off your fingering skills by massaging or masturbating your lover, give a vocal performance by nibbling your lover’s nipples, and work up to a sexual grand finale neither of you will ever forget! For 2 adults.

This adult sexy board game ends when one of you reaches the winning ‘Rock Star’ space (or when you’re too turned on to keep playing!). Draw a card randomly, or let the winner choose their favorite from the hottest deck of all. Be your lover’s sex slave, role play, use sex toys, or get it on in different positions and new ways – it’s all up to you!

This erotic adult sex board game is the perfect gift for fans of other adult board games, fantasy sex play, and adventurous couples.


Best Board Games For Adults - Entice! The Passionate Couples
Entice! The Passionate Couples

Entice! The Passionate Couples – Best Board Games for Adults

Reveal Your Lover’s Desires!
You’ll be surprised at what you find out! The Entice! card & board game gets you talking about sex, erotic techniques and secret desires with every roll of the die! Each “Male” or “Female” card has sexy questions for you to ask your partner, and the “Get Hot!”cards give you surprising new erotic techniques for great sex. Includes board, 1 die, playing pieces and instructions.

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