Luxury Line Vibrator Sex Toys

Sometimes the typical vibrator sex toys don’t have the visual appeal that some ladies are looking for. There are luxury style vibrators on the market but I am sure no one wants to sacrifice quality and power for visual appeal. Below are some of the luxurious and visual appealing sex toys:

Lelo Gigi Pleasure Object
Lelo Gigi Pleasure Object

The first sex toy recommended is a quality cordless dildo like the Lelo Gigi Pleasure Object. While it is a little pricey, it has the shape, texture, and power to help a man please his woman while giving her oral sex or during other foreplay activities. It also has the durability to last for many many uses. With any sex toy you want quality and ease of use. The Lelo Gigi is rechargeble, easy to grip, and easy to clean. A woman can also use this on her own….


We-Vibe II - Sex Toys For Female Masturbation During Sex
We-Vibe II – Sex Toys For Couples During Sexual Intercourse

The next sex toy I recommend is the We-Vibe II. This sex toy is absolutely amazing bringing women to orgasm through sexual intercourse. It is designed to be used during sexual intercourse by being inserted into a woman’s vagina while allowing her partner to still penetrate and slide alongside of it. This vibrator can be a sex life saver! It really really works well and can help to increase a wife’s sex drive by making her expect to have regular orgasms during intercourse.


We-Vibe 4 Couples Sex Toy Review

We-Vibe 4 Couples Sex Toy
We-Vibe 4 Couples Sex Toy


The We-Vibe couples sex toy line have been best sellers for couples for quite sometime. Even though the We-Vibe is known as a couples sex toy, it primarily pleases the female due to having both clitoral and G-Spot stimulators. So what could be done to enhance the We-Vibe couples sex toys? The new We-Vibe 4 is thinner, stronger, and stays in place better than all of the previous We-Vibe models.

Not that the previous models were weak, but this is an upgrade of the highly popular and sexually satisfying We-Vibe couples sex toy. After over two years, we still have the larger We-Vibe 2 hanging around and it surprisingly still works as expected and continues to take a charge. The previous We-Vibe model has been totally reliable and the We-Vibe 4 kicks it up another notch.

Let’s start with the size, texture, and shape. At 1.25 inches wide and 3 inches long the We-Vibe 4 is 30% smaller than the previous model. The body of the We-Vibe 4 is layered with medical-grade silicone which makes this model waterproof making it useable in the pool, shower, tub, etc. Each end is ribbed for pleasure and the smaller size allows it to be more comfortable for a wider range of women.

The We-Vibe 4 has a flatter arrowhead-like shape on one end to aid in keeping it in place during sexual intercourse. On the other end is the clitoral stimulator which is curved to help follow the contour of a woman’s vagina. The overall new shape allows it to more closely hug a woman’s curves to help give maximum sexual stimulation and comfort. The We-Vibe website boasts that it can stay in place on a woman while walking around, but we have yet to try that!

We-Vibe 4 Charger Base
We-Vibe 4 Charger Base


The We-Vibe 4 is recharged via a USB-Powered Base which also stores the vibrator. The toy takes 6 hours to fully charge. A light in the front of the base blinks while the toy charges and stays lit once the vibe is fully charged. The remote control uses an included CR2032 watch battery and is good for up to several feet away.

This couples sex toy has very quiet duel vibrating motors on each end and is powered by a lithium ion rechargeable batteries and is stated to run up to 3 hours. This is good from a sexual longevity standpoint, but we have yet to last that long before she reaches orgasm! Our typical use of the We-Vibe is after we have initiated foreplay and intercourse for a while and she is ready to cum.

This newer model has 6 vibration modes with 10 levels of intensity for a total of 60 vibration variation including “Echo” mode which alternates between G-Spot and clitoral stimulation.

The We-Vibe 4 as with previous models is one of the most usable couples sex toys during intercourse. It stimulates a woman’s G-Spot, Clitoris, and Penis. From our experience, most of the female orgasms come from the clitoral stimulation. Although the We-Vibe 4 is a couples sex toy, it can be used as stand-alone vibrator for women.

The We-Vibe 4 can also be used around a man’s penis while getting oral sex for an enhanced blow job. But keep those vibrations on low please!

The silicone body of the We-Vibe 4 is naturally hypoallergenic so that it does not irritate people with sensitive skin. We have not had any issues with skin or vaginal irritation since we have been using the We-Vibe and she has VERY sensitive skin.

The non-porous silicon also does not trap dust, hair, etc., making it easy to clean and keep clean. Although there are sex toy cleaners available, we simply use warm soapy water after each use.

If you are looking for a reliable, powerful, and sexually pleasing couples sex toy, then the We-Vibe 4 comes highly recommended.

Why We Use The We Vibe Couples Sex Toy

Why do we use the We Vibe couples sex toy? Let’s be honest. Me and my wife use the We-Vibe couples sex toy because it really, really, pleases her on a regular basis. After over two years of using the same We-Vibe, we rarely have a day or night when she is not in the mood for having sex because she knows she will reach orgasm just about every time. We are still surprised that the We-Vibe continues to recharge successfully allowing us to use it for climatic intercourse several times per week.

Does she orgasm without the We-Vibe couples sex toy? Well she can reach orgasm without the We-Vibe, but it takes a much longer time and the positions are limited mostly to her being on top so that she can control the rhythm of the sexual motion. Typically when she orgasms without the We-Vibe it is because we have enough friction with her clitoris rubbing against my body in more of a grinding motion. Before she met me she warned me that she pretty much gave up on having orgasms with previous sex partners. She still enjoyed sex, but was not expecting to orgasm from sexual activity making it come as a surprise when she did. She was able to orgasm from oral sex sometimes, but any loss of rhythm and she losses the pleasure build up and the oral sex practically has to start all over.

After we experimented and started using the We-Vibe during sexual intercourse, she started to orgasm on a regular basis and occasionally had multiple orgasms. This turned her into a complete horn-dog! She now wants sex all the time and I am the one that has to sometimes say no! She reaches orgasm in a matter of a few minutes when using the We-Vibe so we don’t use it at first or she will become the 5 minute girl.

Using the We-Vibe during sex allows me to please and satisfy her sexually which in turn makes her happy to please me and I can finish how I want to without worrying about me reaching orgasm too quickly. The We-Vibe continues to be much more than we both expected from a couples sex toy and I am glad that it makes her so sexually happy…..and horny!