How To Increase Wife’s Sex Drive Using Sex Toys

How can sex toys increase a wife’s sex drive? Early in a couples’ relationship, neither partner takes a lot to get them in the mood sexually. A sexy glance, a sensual touch, or just the thought of the other person can be enough for a woman’s libido. But what happens as the relationship goes on? What happens when things get a little more routine and the newness wears off?

As time goes on, wives can come to expect that they will not have regular orgasms when having sex. Some women then start to lose the desire to have sex as often and can use the excuse of headaches, tired and sleepiness, or just not feeling well. These excuses can boil down to one thing. She simply does not look forward to having sex. If she does not expect to have an orgasm through sexual intercourse or oral sex, what is in it for her? Sure sex is still special and sure she probably finds her man attractive, but if she can’t reach sexual climax, she is at an unfair disadvantage compared to a man.

As we all know, men can cum almost at will. For some men it takes less then 30 seconds to reach orgasm and he can then roll over and play dead while his wife pretends like its ok. Well its not ok! The sexual desire gap gets larger and larger as this lack of sexual satisfaction continues. She needs something to look forward to regularly. A wife needs to know that she can reach orgasm at least close to 50% of the time she has sex or more. This expectation alone will increase a wife’s sex drive. If she has the thought in her head that she has a high potential of cumming she will want to have sex more often.

Let’s face it. It is hard for most men to make their woman cum on a regular basis. There are some men that can and there are some women that have a sensitivity that allows them to come very easily but these are exceptions. For the average couple that has been together for a few years, the woman can expect not to reach orgasm from most nights of having sex while the man continues to shake and tremble during his orgasms.

So how do you increase a wife’s sex drive? By using whatever tools are available to help get the job done. I’m talking about using sex toys to help increase a wife’s sex drive by giving her more frequent orgasms. Some men may be against their women using sex toys. Maybe it reminds them that they can’t get the job done. Or maybe they feel like it takes away from the “specialness” of a night of sex with their woman. Well in my opinion, this is unfair and a selfish attitude to have. If this is how a man thinks then he is ok with his woman not having orgasms even half the times that he does.

If using sex toys to increase a wife’s sex drive works, then why not use them? Why not give a woman a chance at more regular mind blowing orgasms? If sex toys work to increase a wife’s libido, then it is a win win situation for both parties. The female gets to enjoy her sexual experiences more with her partner and the increased sex drive makes her want to have sex more often.

In using sex toys to increase a wife’s sex drive, there are several to chose from. A couple should take their time and try several. Buy a storage box for a collection of sex toys and start collecting! I recommend a couple either visit sex shops in person (which can be uncomfortable for newbies) or order sex toys using a reputable and discreet online sex stores such as Adam & Eve.

Which toys do we recommend? Each couple should have a basic set of sex toys and then experiment with more later. For starters, I recommend two:


Lelo Ina Pleasure Object

Unique vibration mode feels just like thrusting! Protected by a 1-year manufacturer’s w… [More]

Price: 159.00
Sale: 159.00

The first sex toy recommended is a quality cordless dildo like the Lelo Ina Pleasure Object. While it is a little pricey, it has the shape, texture, and power to help a man please his woman while giving her oral sex or during other foreplay activities. It also has the durability to last for many many uses. With any sex toy you want quality and ease of use. The Lelo Gigi is rechargeble, easy to grip, and easy to clean. A woman can also use this on her own….


We-Vibe II - Sex Toys For Female Masturbation During Sex
We-Vibe II – Sex Toys For Couples During Sexual Intercourse

The next sex toy I recommend is the best selling We-Vibe II. This sex toy is absolutely amazing bringing women to orgasm through sexual intercourse. It is designed to be used during sexual intercourse by being inserted into a woman’s vagina while allowing her partner to still penetrate and slide alongside of it. This vibrator can be a sex life saver! It really really works well and can help to increase a wife’s sex drive by making her expect to have regular orgasms during intercourse.


Remember, when trying sex toys with your partner, it takes patience to learn how to use them correctly and effectively for you AND your partner. Experiment, have patience, and have fun trying different sex toys to increase a wife’s sex drive.

How to Anally Please A Man

How to anally please a man? Men not only have a sensitivity through their penis which can make them cum, there is pleasurable sexual sensitivity inside their anus. When anally pleasing a man with the right type of stimulation some guys are able to reach orgasm through their anus.

Many heterosexual men may be hesitant to accept anal simulation from their partner (of course homosexual men don’t have that problem!). Due to silly social pressures some men totally avoid any anal stimulation whether digitally or with a sex toy. If a man is open to being pleased anally he becomes open to the ability receive dual pleasure up to orgasm. The possibilities include anally pleasing a man during vaginal sexual intercourse with anal sex toys for men. Anal beads are very popular for men that like to be pleased anally.

Once a heterosexual man gets past the inhibitions of anal stimulation, there are several things that make it easier to stimulate a man anally. Besides anal sex toys for pleasing men, there are anal lubricants and desensitizing agents.

For men not experienced or reluctant to allow themselves to be anally pleased I recommend their partners start slow. The level of sexual arousal plays a big part in how much a man or woman can enjoy a sexual experience. Before attempting to anally please a man with sex toys, get him really aroused first. Extend foreplay to allow for him to get worked up enough that it lowers some of his inhibitions towards anally pleasing him.

Once he has reached a high level of arousal, use a good sex lubricant and start with light digital stimulation on the outside of his anus while you give him oral sex. Another variation, if he is very very clean (see anal cleaning kits), is to orally please his anus while stroking his penis with your hand. This will cause him to relax and get more aroused. As he gets more aroused increase anal stimulation by slightly penetrating his anus with a finger. Keep it light at first because the anus has a tendency to clench up as a reflex action.

Continue to give oral sex to him to allow his anus to better relax as you continue to increase penetration with your finger. Once your finger has made it about an inch or more inside, now you can try using an anal sex toy with lubrication to increase anal pleasure.

Have fun and experiment with different types of sex toys when anally pleasing men. Popular men’s anal sex toys and accessories for anally pleasing men are:
men’s anal beads and tools
prostate massagers
anal plugs
men’s anal starter toys

Outside of oral pleasure while anally pleasing a man, a suction or blowjob like sex toy can be used to stimulate his penis while a man is being anally pleased. Suction/blowjob sex toys available are pocket pussies, suction tubes, etc.

Remember to go slow with anal sex toys as anally pleasing a man takes a little patience at first. If trying to please a man anally gets too painful he may be ready to call it quits and never try again!

Realistic Sex Toys For Men

Looking for realistic sex toys for men? Men often get left out of the sex toy equation as women get all the good stuff. But there good realistic sex toys for men available. One of the most important things is the look of the sex toy. It has to make men want to use it. A detailed pussy or anus can get a guy going when he is solo or with a partner. Of course it’s always important to use a good lube as this adds to the realism and feel.

Next to the look of realistic sex toys for men is the feel actual of them. Texture is important and the UR3 material is the most popular as it feels like real human skin. UR3 material is used on sex toys for both men and women, but specifically pocket pussies and other male masturbator sex toys are made from it.

Realistic sex toys for men not only please men, but give their partner another avenue to arouse them. While the sex toy is being used to please his penis or anus, other parts of his body can be stimulate as his partner desires. For some interesting and reasonably priced realistic sex toys for men, check out Pink Cherry.