Blow Job Sex Toys For Men – Sasha Grey Deep Throat Pocket Pussy

Looking for a realistic blow job sex toy for men? The Sasha Grey Deep Throat Pocket Pal looks and feels like a real mouth sucking on a man’s penis. It has the suction action as well as the sound and feel of getting a real blow job. Sometimes the effects of the sound of a real blow job get’s overlooked. When done right, it is a sexy and wet slurpy sound that just turns a man on. Besides the very real look and feel, the Sasha Grey blow job sex toy recreates that “nasty” sound well.

Sasha Grey Stroker Blow Job Sex Toy
Sasha Grey Stroker

Sasha Grey is one of the most realistic blow job sex toys because it is molded from the lips of a real person (it states Sasha Grey’s lips….). This blow job sex toy is made of the very realistic skin feeling UR3 material. UR3 is known for feeling like real human skin. The texture is very soft and stretchy but also snug enough to give a man’s penis the real blow job feeling.

This blow job sex toy also has detailed lips and tongue. It works well for getting that “deep throat” feeling as the tongue and lips glide over a man’s penis like a real mouth.

Using the easy-grip exterior, this stroker can be turned as a man strokes his penis in and out. This ease of maneuverability allows a man to make this blow job sex toy match the angles of real blowjob. This also has advantages for a man’s partner for helping please multiple areas at once. He can enjoy a blow job feeling while getting his nipples, neck, or anus stimulated at the same time.

The Sasha Grey Deep Throat Stroker can be easily cleaned with regular soap and water or a sex toy cleaner. Some sites recommend the sex toy cleaner, but I prefer regular soap and water which works just fine.

The Sasha Grey rates well as a blow job sex toy for men. It is not pricey – this excellent sex toy for men can be found at Adam& It is tight, looks and feels like a real mouth, and is easy to use. For a man, it simply looks so inviting….doesn’t it?

Pleasing Your Man With Sex Toys: Hammerhead Stroker

If a girl is looking for new ways to please her man with sex toys in bed, using a Hammerhead Stroker Vibrator can do just that. Not much comes to the imagination at first thought of a pleasing sex toy for men, but there are ways to combine the perfect sex toy with creativity and have your man wanting more. Not only does pleasing your man with sex toys in bed enhance your sex life, it also takes the pressure off a woman having to use her mouth for blowjobs all the time.

Using the Hammerhead Stroker Vibrator to Please Your Man in Bed

Hammerhead Vibrating Stroker
Hammerhead Vibrating Stroker

What does the Hammerhead Stroker Vibrator do for a guy in bed? Well it lets a woman’s tongue and lips be free to do other things while her man’s penis is getting stroked by a vibrating blowjob-like sex toy. Normally when we think of a vibrating sex toy, we think of a vibrating dildo for women. For men, the Hammerhead Stroker Vibrator is just as it states, a vibrator designed to please a man’s penis.

1. A woman can use her tongue to please her man’s balls while the Hammerhead Stroker takes care of his shaft.
2. Use the Hammerhead Stroker while licking a man’s nipples, neck, and other pleasure areas.
3. Use the Hammerhead Vibrator when a woman just doesn’t feel like giving a blowjob!
4. Stimulate a man’s anus with anal beads , anal butt plug, or an anal vibrator while using the Hammerhead Stroker on his penis giving him double pleasure.
5. For men that don’t want sex toys to penetrate their anus, use a regular vibrator on the outside of his anus while using the Hammerhead Stroker to please his penis.

Pleasing your man in bed with sex toys is limited by your imagination. Using a combination of penis and anal pleasing sex toys can put your guy in an erotic zone and liven up your sex life. Since the Hammerhead Stoker Vibrator can be used by your man solo, it makes a great gift for your guy.

Most Realistic Pocket Pussy – Belladonna Pocket Pussy

Many men are curious of what the most realistic pocket pussy feels like. It is close to the real thing? What is the texture like? Can it make him cum? Just as in a previous article on the life-like Jesse Jane Pocket Pussy, we take a look at another one of the most realistic Pocket Pussies, the Belladona Pocket Pussy. It is also on Adam&Eve’s best seller list.

What Makes the Belladonna one of the most realistic Pocket Pussies?

What immediately stands out about the Belladonna Pocket Pussy is it’s pretty pink pussy lips. Guys find the pink color of a woman’s pussy lips a beautiful sight to behold and it leaves a lasting image in their minds. Besides the realistic look of the Belladonna’s pink pussy lips, it is molded from a real female vagina. The details in every little fold makes it that much more of a realistic pocket pussy. It is made from the realistic life-like UR3 material which gives it an amazingly realistic pocket pussy feeling.

Belladonna Pocket Pussy
Belladonna Pocket Pussy

The Belladonna Pocket Pussy is known for it’s penis pleasing tightness. As it glides over a man’s penis with it’s slippery and tight walls it has the tendency to make a guy cum a little too fast! But the ability to pleasure a man’s penis with a realistic pocket pussy makes life easier for his partner. Sex toys such as the Belladonna also takes some of the routine out of the sex life. A man’s partner can use it while pleasing other parts of his body keeping him hot the entire time.

The outer walls of the Belladonna Pocket Pussy is ribbed for easy gripping when things get hot and wet.

For traveling, the Belladonna Pocket Pussy is compact and easy to store. It is open on both ends making it easy to clean with just soap and water.

It is recommended that a good sex lubricant is used when sliding the Belladonna Pocket Pussy over a man’s penis. A good sex lubricant adds to the natural feeling of one of the most realistic pocket pussies. Don’t use lotion! Lotion clumps up and may not be good for the texture of the Belladonna.

Just like the Jesse Jane Fleshlight pocket pussy, the Belladonna is one of the most realistic pocket pussy sex toys for men and would make a great gift for a guy.