Best Sex Toys To Use On A Man

What are the best sex toys to use on a man? The combination of licking and sucking on a man in various places can be erotically complimented by a good sex toy for men. Sex toys for men can be used to bring a man to ecstasy and have him craving for more. Although women have the overwhelming variety of sex toys to choose from, there are plenty of sex toys which can be very sexually satisfying for men. The best sex toys to use on a man can be a matter of preference for him and what type of sexual feeling and motion turns him on.

Best Sex Toys To Use On A Man

For stimulating a man’s penis, their are several sex toys for men recommended. The most pleasurable sex toys for men will be the ones that simulate a sucking or gliding motion on his penis closest to real sex or a real blowjob. Having a variety of the best sex toys for men would be optimal for keeping things more exciting in the bedroom.

1. The Fleshlight pocket pussy is a premium sex toy for men that gives a sucking feeling using the ribbed texture of the walls along with a vacuum type suction. This toy is awesome for pleasing a man’s penis with or without the help of a partner.

2. The Super Head Honcho is a best seller in the realm of best sex toys to use on a man. It has one goal – give one of the most realistic blow job sensations outside of real lips and tongue – and it does it very well.

3. For a vibrating penis stimulating motion, the Hammerhead Vibrating Stroker sex toy for men is a powerful sexual stimulator for a man’s penis. It is equivalent to a vibrator for women, but designed to fit and please a man. This is rated one of the best sex toys to use on a man in the male vibrator category.

4. Anal beads are not for every man, but he won’t know until he tries them! Anal beads are one of the best sex toys to use on a man because they can stimulate a sensitive part of a man that he didn’t really know could be a source of erotic pleasure for him. Anal beads can be a very stimulating sex toy for men in combination with a good blowjob or hot sexual intercourse. It may take some getting used to, but it brings a different level of pleasure to a man’s sex life once he gets comfortable with using them.

5. Nipple teasers are another good sex toy to use on a man if he has sensitive nipples. This is another combination type sex toy that can be used on men along with sexual intercourse, a blowjob, or any other pleasurable stimulation.

6. Prostate massagers or anal sex toys are one of the best sex toys to use on a man once he gets comfortable with anal stimulation. Anal sex toys can be used in combination with oral sex, male vibrator sex toys for his penis, and sexual intercourse to bring a man to an erotic and powerful orgasm.

No matter which sex toys for men are used, the erotic participation of an open-minded partner makes all the difference. Check out some of the best sex toys for men above and if you have other experiences with mind-blowing sext toys for men, we want to hear from you via the comment form below.

Powerful Cordless Vibrators For Women – Rechargeable

If you are not going to use a wall plugin vibrator then you will want a powerful cordless vibrator that can go the distance. Not all battery powered vibrators have the strength to get the job done. A balance must be made between a powerful cordless vibrator and battery life. Below I list a few of the most powerful cordless vibrators I recommend. Some might be a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for with cordless vibrators for women. There are some cheaper vibrators available that can do a good job, but if you are looking for some of the top tier powerful cordless vibrators, you may have to shell out a few more dollars. Some of the most powerful cordless vibrators for women listed below also make excellent gifts due to the beautiful design and excellent performance.

Long Lasting Powerful Cordless Vibrators for Women

We picked some of the most powerful cordless vibrators available for women:

Lelo Gigi Pleasure Object

Send powerful vibrations straight to your G Spot! Protected by a 1-year manufacturer’s … [More]

Price: 119.00
Sale: 119.00

The Lelo Pleasure Gigi Pleasure Object is one powerful cordless vibrator. It is rechargeable and has a beautiful finish. The Lelo Gigi is a full sized powerful cordless vibrator for women. Even with the power of this cordless vibrator it runs surprisingly quiet. The beautiful appearance of Lelo Vibrators makes for excellent gifts. They are a little pricey, but you what you pay for with sex toys. It is waterproof and can be cleaned with soap and water.

The Lelo line of cordless vibrators for women are not only high quality, they are beautifully designed. These powerful cordless vibrators make excellent sex toy gifts and can easily spice up a couples sex life.

Bodywand Rechargeable Massager

Powerful & Rechargeable For Non-Stop Bliss! Love the throbbing intensity of big wand ma… [More]

Price: 129.95
Sale: 129.95

Another one of the most powerful cordless vibrators is the Bodywand Rechargeable Massager. One of the best features of the Bodywand is that it can be used while it’s charging! Most cordless rechargeable vibrators make you wait until fully charged, but the Bodywand is ready whenever you are. This powerful cordless vibrator is lightweight and delivers intense multi-speed vibration and pulsation. It has a firm and rounded head with a velvet-like feel. The neck is ultra-flexible which lets you deliver sensations exactly where you want them for total satisfaction.

The control dial provides control for high-powered vibrations and at max power it delivers body-shaking intensity. For a different burst vibration, press and hold the button on the side of the Bodywand Rechargeable Massager to activate wickedly wonderful pulsation.

The Bodywand Rechargeable Massager is discreetly shaped and ultra-quiet, so it’s perfect for travel or naughty weekend getaways.

Adam & Eve Magic Massager

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Price: 54.95
Sale: 54.95

If you change your mind or decide you want a powerful corded vibrator for women as a backup, I would suggest the Magic Massager with the clitoral stimulator attachment. The Magic Massager can stand alone, but the clitoral stimulator attachment gives you just a little more direct clitoral stimulation.

Powerful cordless vibrators are great, easy to use, and convenient, but if you want to always be prepared, a corded powerful vibrator for women is not a bad idea for a backup.


Blow Job Sex Toys For Men

As I have stated before, men often get left out when it comes to sex toys for men. For men that want to get their turn with sex toys or for women looking for sex toys for their men, there are a variety of “slick” toys out their to get them going.

Blowjob Sex Toys For Men

Blow job sex toys for men can take some of the pressure off the other sexual partner. It also allows a guy to get pleasure in other ways while his penis is being stimulated by the sucking motion. Try it while getting other parts of his body pleased such as his partner sucking on his nipples, neck, or back and even anal stimulation. Sex toys for men are a treat for a man and it is recommended to explore the various sex toys that are available for guys.

Getting a blowjob is just a different type of feeling and turn on for men. Why not use sex toys for men designed specifically for this purpose? To do it right and avoid potential rubbing irritation, one should use a good lube for this activity. Lube doesn’t have to be special or expensive, just check the local drug store or pharmacy for something like KY jelly or the like. Another piece of advice before using sex toys for men is not to rush not putting it on while it is running. Although it may be tempting to try it, men’s sex toys can be un-pleasurable if it is put on in mid stroke and hurts his penis!

Recommended Blow Job Sex Toys for Men

Hammerhead Vibrating Stroker
Hammerhead Vibrating Stroker

Hammerhead Vibration Stroker sex toy for men is like a female vibrator but for a guy. It gives the feel of a blow job with full penis stimulation. It is easy to use and easy to clean. Remember to use lubrication! The Hammerhead Vibration Stroker is becoming more and more popular and is available at Adam& for about $70.

Superhead Honcho Masturbator is another sex toy for men that gives that wet blow job feeling. It is definitely worth a try as it can be a very pleasing blow job feeling for men. This blow job sex toy for men is one of the top sellers in the realm of male sex toys. It runs right at $30 at Adam&


Belladonna Pocket Pussy
Belladonna Pocket Pussy

Bella Donnas Pocket Pussy receives high ratings for oral sex toys for men. This blow job sex toy gives men an awesome sexual feeling when used with a lubricant. It will add spice to a couples sex life and even when a guy is alone. It has the feel of a real pussy and just “sucks” a guy the way he likes it. The look of a real pussy gives just adds to the realism. Although this is not a mouth, it has lips (pun intended!) that get the job done.


Sasha Grey Stroker Blow Job Sex Toy
Sasha Grey Stroker

The Sasha Grey Stroker Blow Job Sex Toy has the look and feel of a real mouth. It gives a man an excellent blow job feeling when used with a good lube. Besides the realistic look and feel of this blow job sex toy, it also produces a realistic sucking sound which is a turn on for most men. The Sasha Grey Stroker is available at Adam& for under $30.

Blow job sex toys for men are something that all couples should consider adding to their sex toy collection to give guys a sex toy just for them.