Erotic Stories: Swing Your Maul

Janice knew she was going to fuck him the first time she saw him. Every swing of his maul turned her on more and more. His body led her to believe that he had been doing a man’s work for years. As she watched him swing the maul and break concrete slabs to pieces, all she could imagine was him sexually mauling her.
“Do you need to come inside and cool off for a bit?” she asked. She didn’t really want him to be cool at all.
“No m’am. I like to get things done – you know… in and out,” he replied without looking up. His sweat speckled muscles flexed as he reached high in the air for another swing. He was a tall and ruggedly good looking man with a bulge in his jeans that just wouldn’t quit. His arms looked like he could simultaneously swing a maul in each hand if he so desired. It appeared that he hadn’t shaved in a few days, but with his looks he could easily put on a business suit and give quite a first impression unshaven.
“In and out? OMG!” Janice thought to herself. She wasn’t surprised at how turned on she was by him. It had been so long since she had a man inside of her and he was a man that any girl would find tempting. This was starting to drive her crazy. She wanted him to take a break and come inside for a bit – both him and that bulge in his pants.
“Well… If you get thirsty, just come inside and I will get you something.”
“Thanks,” he said as his maul split the next piece of concrete in half. He lifted his head with a smile and gave a look that convinced that her that her knees were getting weak. He went back to work continuing to tease her as he let off a sexy grunt with each powerful swing. She could imagine him making those sexy sounds while he put all that effort between her legs.
How could he not tell what she was thinking? It had to be obvious that she was so horny. Was he just not interested? She would have to get something from him. She was ready to explode and she was not going to let him get away leaving her on the edge.
Janice went inside and used the mirror for a once-over. Did she need to reveal more of herself? She was already in her summer wear and bordering on a strip tease. If he doesn’t respond to her hints, maybe she would work up the nerve to just come out and just say what she wants. She was tempted to please herself just thinking about him. She knew her Adam & Eve vibrator was in a nearby drawer and it was powerful and could definitely get the job done. She could simply get a quicky in while she thought about him releasing that bulge in her pants and using it on her. But she knew that she would cum too fast and she didn’t want to spoil her desires with a sex toy however good it was. She wanted HIS warm and rock hard dick inside of her – plain and simple. She didn’t need him to say anything smart or sexy. She didn’t need him to be suave. She just wanted him to pound her pussy like he pounded the concrete slabs outside.
She could still hear the impact of the maul breaking rock outside. Her body shuddered each time it hit and she could feel herself getting slippery between her legs. She knew he would have no trouble working her pussy. She was smooth as hot oil on glass and could just imagine her pussy being penetrated by his first thrust. She wanted to take it as deep, hard, and fast as he could give it. She knew she wouldn’t last long, but hoped that this would be one of those multiple orgasm days. But first she had to get him to come inside and do to her what a man is built to do.
Janice went over things she could say to him out loud as she paced her living room. “Are you interested in some adult fun?” no that sounds too corny. Maybe “I think you are hot and I would love for you to come inside and fuck me good,” no that won’t do either. “I am so horny! Can’t you see I want you so bad!” still not a winner. “Sigh…. I just want to fuck so bad!”
She leaned her ear slightly in the direction of the window. She then froze when she realized she that she no longer heard the swing of the maul shattering rock outside. She failed to notice that someone had come through her door. But she did notice the feeling that someone was watching her.
“So… you said to come in when I got thirsty right?” he said with a cute smile. The only sign that he showed he had heard anything she said was the confident look that a man has when he knows he can fuck a girl down right proper.
Janice looked at him with embarrassing surprise. All she could manage was a school girl sounding “Uh huh…” She thought to herself,“Wow! How much of my horny slutty rant had he heard? Well the cat is out of the bag now and this cat is crazy frisky!”

She realized she hadn’t moved when he broke the silence with, “so……it seems that I have another job to do before I leave. Is that right?”
Her second “Uh huh…” was identical to the first. “That’s right.”

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