Why We Use The We Vibe Couples Sex Toy

Why do we use the We Vibe couples sex toy? Let’s be honest. Me and my wife use the We-Vibe couples sex toy because it really, really, pleases her on a regular basis. After over two years of using the same We-Vibe, we rarely have a day or night when she is not in the mood for having sex because she knows she will reach orgasm just about every time. We are still surprised that the We-Vibe continues to recharge successfully allowing us to use it for climatic intercourse several times per week.

Does she orgasm without the We-Vibe couples sex toy? Well she can reach orgasm without the We-Vibe, but it takes a much longer time and the positions are limited mostly to her being on top so that she can control the rhythm of the sexual motion. Typically when she orgasms without the We-Vibe it is because we have enough friction with her clitoris rubbing against my body in more of a grinding motion. Before she met me she warned me that she pretty much gave up on having orgasms with previous sex partners. She still enjoyed sex, but was not expecting to orgasm from sexual activity making it come as a surprise when she did. She was able to orgasm from oral sex sometimes, but any loss of rhythm and she losses the pleasure build up and the oral sex practically has to start all over.

After we experimented and started using the We-Vibe during sexual intercourse, she started to orgasm on a regular basis and occasionally had multiple orgasms. This turned her into a complete horn-dog! She now wants sex all the time and I am the one that has to sometimes say no! She reaches orgasm in a matter of a few minutes when using the We-Vibe so we don’t use it at first or she will become the 5 minute girl.

Using the We-Vibe during sex allows me to please and satisfy her sexually which in turn makes her happy to please me and I can finish how I want to without worrying about me reaching orgasm too quickly. The We-Vibe continues to be much more than we both expected from a couples sex toy and I am glad that it makes her so sexually happy…..and horny!

How To Talk Dirty To A Guy Examples

Some girls get labeled as “goodie girl” and could shed that label, at least with her man in bed, by taking advantage of a few examples of talking dirty to a guy. Talking dirty to a guy can improve the sexual experience for a guy and give a girl a chance to cut loose during sex and have a little more fun. It also gives a girl an avenue to have her man thinking about her until the next sexual experience. Below I describe a few key things about how to talk dirty to a guy along with talking dirty to a guy examples.

How to Talk Dirty To A Guy – 4 Key Things to Focus On

1. Relaxed Effort – the sound of the dirty talk plays a role in the initial turn on of the guy. When talking dirty to a guy, it shouldn’t sound forced. The goal is to sound as natural as possible. It helps to think of it as a role-play scenario.

2. Role-play – talking dirty to a guy is a lot easier if a role-play attitude is adopted. This doesn’t mean that you have to dress up in a sexy role-playing outfit to talk dirty to a guy (although it adds to the experience). This basically means that you are not totally yourself when turning on a guy with dirty sex talk. This is a part of what turns a guy on when you are talking dirty.  Being outside side yourself during sex is erotic when it exposes potential deep desires that are commensurate with the level of your arousal and your desire to please your man.

The purpose of role-play is to give you the separation from your perceived image and expectations. During role-play, you are obviously not yourself! The things you say and do are under the guise of a nasty erotic slutty girl that is absolutely in love with her man’s penis. She is a girl ready to show her man that she knows what he wants and is submissively ready to give it to him.
Having this attitude is how to talk dirty to a guy. It adds erotic realism and allows a man to relax and take it all in. You have to both have the understanding that this is only to turn him on and allow you to express yourself while in bed.

3. Voice and inflections – use your most relaxed feminine voice while talking dirty to a guy. The vocal tone and sexy inflections you use can often be enough to get a guy turned on even over the phone.

4. Pet names – using pet names while talking dirty to a guy is another aspect that adds to the sexual experience. This is actually an easy one as many couples already have pet names for each other. But even if a couple already have pet names for each other, it can be more along the lines of role-play if different pet names are used when talking dirty to a guy. Some common and universal examples of pet names when talking dirty to a guy are “Baby”,”Daddy”, or “Big Daddy”. Your creativity and own personal pet names should come into play here.

How to Talk Dirty To A Guy – What to Say

What you say when talking dirty to a guy is something that can have him thinking of how freaky you can be long after the sexual encounter. If you are uncomfortable with some of the statements below, try starting with less explicit talk first to get a feel for your guy. Even though its role-play, some couples may not be comfortable with calling the female slut, whore, etc.. It’s up to the participants to find the comfort zone, but I suggest at least trying to push perceived boundaries when talking dirty to a guy.

Below are some examples of how to talk dirty to a guy. Be creative and use your own variations and combinations of these examples according to your style and your role-play. These are also good enough to use as they are!

Examples of How to Talk Dirty to a Guy:

Am I your….
nasty girl?
nasty little slut?
nasty (insert hair color) head slut?
freaky (girl, slut, whore, etc)?

Is my….
mouth wet enough on your dick?
pussy wet enough on your dick?
pussy tight and wet enough for you?

Do you like ….
when I give head and swallow your cum?
when I give sloppy head until you cum?
use no hands while sucking your dick?
your dick to touch the back of my throat?
your dick to go deep in my pussy?
what I’m doing to your dick (insert pet name).
how it feels inside my ass?
how wet my pussy gets for you?
watching my head bob up and down on your dick?
seeing your dick slide in and out of me with my pussy cum on it?
seeing me on my hands and knees with my ass up waiting for your dick?
seeing me on my needs with your dick in my mouth?
watching me gag on your dick?

Do you want to ….
put it in my ass tonight?
fill my pussy up with you hot cum?
cum in my ass tonight?
see me play with my pussy with a vibrator/dildo?
see me play with my pussy and get my fingers all wet?
see me give you head and then play with your cum with my tongue?
see me swallow all of your cum?
see me suck your dick until you explode in my mouth?

I like when you …..
pull my hair while doing me doggy.
pull my hair while I suck your dick.
pull my hair while you f-ck me hard and fast.
put your tongue inside my pussy.
lick my pussy and get it all wet before you f-ck me.

I want you to….
video tape me sucking your dick and using my tongue to play with your cum.
video tape you cumming inside me and my pussy dripping with your cum.
video tape us f-cking tonight.
lick my pussy until I cum and throb in your mouth.

Am I ….
doing good (insert pet name)?
making you feel good (insert pet name)?

Thinking about ….
sucking on your dick until you cum in my mouth is making me wet.
what we did last night is making me wet again.
you licking my pussy is making me horny.
using a vibrator on my pussy while you watch is getting me hot.

You can take the above examples of how to talk dirty to a guy and make it sexy and erotic for your man. To get the most out of it, being creative and pushing your boundaries is the key. How to talk dirty to a guy examples above just provides a base that you can use to develop your own sexy style and erotic twist to turn your guy on…. with your mouth.

Prostate Massagers: Sex Toys For Men

Although many man do not get a chance to experience it, prostate massagers can lead to powerful orgasms for men. Prostate massager sex toys for men take advantage of a man’s gift of sensitivity to stimulation of the prostate. Men are lucky in this respect as they can receive pleasure from prostate massager sex toys and intercourse or oral sex simultaneously. This adds spice and variation to a couples sexual experience since men are usually satisfied by oral sex or simple intercourse. The results can be mind-blowing for men and gives their partner multiple way to satisfy their erotic desires.

Sex toys are not required for anal stimulation, but make it easier to do multiple things and give continuous pleasure to a man’s prostate. A man’s prostate can also be stimulated digitally. See The male hot spot — Massaging the prostate

For men inexperienced in anal stimulation, take it slow in the beginning. Start by stimulating the anus on the outside and gradually working inside of the anus. Performing oral sex on a man can help keep him in a heightened erotic mood where his anal inhibitions are more at ease. The more that can be done to relax a man prior to prostate massaging, the better. Prostate massager sex toys for men are designed to reach a man’s sensitive anal spot, but if not done slowly and carefully at first it could be uncomfortable. If encountering a first experience related to stimulating the anus, many men will be turned off by any future attempts to pleasure him anally.

Besides taking it slow, a good sexual lubricant should be used. Don’t use lotion! Although slippery at first, lotion clumps up over time and will lead up to an uncomfortable experience. There are many sexual lubes available at relatively low costs. They are designed to remain slippery during prolonged sexual activity and they clean up easily. Some lubricants have warming sensations to add a little extra stimulation during prostate massaging.

Once a man gets past the initial use of prostate massager sex toys, he will be open to achieving a truly pleasurable orgasmic experience through anal stimulation.