How to Anally Please A Man

How to anally please a man? Men not only have a sensitivity through their penis which can make them cum, there is pleasurable sexual sensitivity inside their anus. When anally pleasing a man with the right type of stimulation some guys are able to reach orgasm through their anus.

Many heterosexual men may be hesitant to accept anal simulation from their partner (of course homosexual men don’t have that problem!). Due to silly social pressures some men totally avoid any anal stimulation whether digitally or with a sex toy. If a man is open to being pleased anally he becomes open to the ability receive dual pleasure up to orgasm. The possibilities include anally pleasing a man during vaginal sexual intercourse with anal sex toys for men. Anal beads are very popular for men that like to be pleased anally.

Once a heterosexual man gets past the inhibitions of anal stimulation, there are several things that make it easier to stimulate a man anally. Besides anal sex toys for pleasing men, there are anal lubricants and desensitizing agents.

For men not experienced or reluctant to allow themselves to be anally pleased I recommend their partners start slow. The level of sexual arousal plays a big part in how much a man or woman can enjoy a sexual experience. Before attempting to anally please a man with sex toys, get him really aroused first. Extend foreplay to allow for him to get worked up enough that it lowers some of his inhibitions towards anally pleasing him.

Once he has reached a high level of arousal, use a good sex lubricant and start with light digital stimulation on the outside of his anus while you give him oral sex. Another variation, if he is very very clean (see anal cleaning kits), is to orally please his anus while stroking his penis with your hand. This will cause him to relax and get more aroused. As he gets more aroused increase anal stimulation by slightly penetrating his anus with a finger. Keep it light at first because the anus has a tendency to clench up as a reflex action.

Continue to give oral sex to him to allow his anus to better relax as you continue to increase penetration with your finger. Once your finger has made it about an inch or more inside, now you can try using an anal sex toy with lubrication to increase anal pleasure.

Have fun and experiment with different types of sex toys when anally pleasing men. Popular men’s anal sex toys and accessories for anally pleasing men are:
men’s anal beads and tools
prostate massagers
anal plugs
men’s anal starter toys

Outside of oral pleasure while anally pleasing a man, a suction or blowjob like sex toy can be used to stimulate his penis while a man is being anally pleased. Suction/blowjob sex toys available are pocket pussies, suction tubes, etc.

Remember to go slow with anal sex toys as anally pleasing a man takes a little patience at first. If trying to please a man anally gets too painful he may be ready to call it quits and never try again!

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