How To Eat Out A Girl And Make Her Orgasm 10 Tips

If someone wants to know how to eat out a girl, it is not a difficult thing to learn. Every girl is a little different when it comes to clitoral sensitivity. This is important to know when trying to find the right pressure and rhythm when learning how to eat out a girl. Some prefer to use clitoral sensitivity gel when performing Oral sex. Clitoral sensitivity gel gives a tingly feeling to a woman’s clitoris which can enhance pleasure and provide a change of pace during oral sex.

    10 Tips On How to Eat Out A Girl And Make Her Orgasm

1. Buy a labia spreader for easy access to the clitoris so that you can eat out a girl hands free. This will make it so much easier to give continuous oral hands free. And use a vibrating sex toy as you learn how to eat out a girl and make her cum. You can put it next to her clitoris or inside of her as you lick her clitoris. Vibrating sex toys make your job easier when eating a girl out.

2. When first learning how to eat out a girl and make her cum, start slowly. The clitoris can be very sensitive for some girls and they may not be able to take a lot of direct contact. Work your way around the clitoral area first and hit the clitoris lightly. Be cognizant of any prickly facial hair as it can aggravate a ladies sensitive areas when eating her out. Facial hair stubble can really be painful for a girl’s vagina.

3. Many times the mistake that is made when learning how to eat out a girl is to suck too hard. If you are going to suck, try lightly at first. Gradually increase suction while paying attention to the girl. Lighter sucking and licking in a rhythm tends to do better for bringing a girl to orgasm. Once you get a rhythm going, don’t stop! Even if you get a pubic hair in your mouth, keep going! If you stop and lose rhythm to readjust while eating out a girl, you will loose some of the momentum towards making her cum.

4. Use a light and quick flicking motion with your tongue on and near the clitoris. You can use your lips to cover the clitoris with your mouth open. Then apply a little pressure and flick your tongue lightly and quickly on the clitoris. Keep your attention on how the girl responds if you want to know how to eat out a girl the way she likes it.

5. Use your hand to gently push up the hood above the clitoris. This exposes the clitoris more so that you can lick it easier and get more of your tongue on it. Be careful though because exposing more of a girls clitoris can make her more sensitive to the touch. Use light licking on an exposed clitoris to avoid making it less pleasurable for her.

6. Learning how to eat out a girl takes patience and attention to her responses to your touch. It also takes variations of positions when learning how to eat out a girl. Try with your head below her vagina, sideways, and also reversed with your head just below her belly button. Try having her straddle you across your chest and put her pussy right on your mouth.

7. Use your hands to stroke up and down her body as you eat a girl out. Touch her all over and show her how into it you are while performing oral sex to her.

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8. Don’t just give all your attention to the clitoris when learning how to eat out a girl and make her cum. Put your tongue inside of her and lick up and down her pussy to mix it up.

9. If you and your girl are into sex videos, put one on before you start. After you watch it together for a bit, go down on her and eat her out while she continues to watch it.

10. When a guy is finding the best way to eat out a girl, he often tries to push her legs up when she is lying in bed. This can be a turn on for him and give him more control, but oral sex feels better to most girls when their legs are lying flat on the bed. A good variation to try is for the girl to lay on her back with her legs over the edge of the bed and feet touching or nearly touching the floor. The guy then kneels down on the floor near the edge of the bed and between the girls legs. He can then giver her oral sex with a good angle and allow for good pleasure with the girl’s legs down.

Learning how to eat out a girl the way she likes it can be fun for both of you. Make sure you take your time and not expect her to orgasm right away when you are eating her out. Even if you don’t bring her to orgasm, she can still enjoy your tongue and the special attention you give to her pussy. Try using a Cunnilingus Kit to spice up the oral sex on her. Once you get it down on how to eat out a girl and make her cum, she will really enjoy the oral sex you give and will likely pay you in kind when its her turn to do you.

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Why Do Men Like Receiving Blow Jobs So Much?

Why do men like receiving blow jobs so much? For men, receiving a blow job is not just about how good it feels.
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It is the erotic relaxed feeling of having a woman give her undivided attention to his penis. Men like receiving blow jobs because it makes them feel turned on by the naughtiness of having their woman bob up and down on it.

This may sound selfish, but when a woman gives a man a blow job, he does not have to worry about pleasing her. He does not have to worry about cumming too fast or anything else. He can just enjoy being turned on by his woman and experiencing her erotic side. Women may never understand how much a man likes and gets turned on by blow jobs, but most men would do a lot to have their woman do it more often.

Although men like receiving blow jobs just about any way they can get them, not all blow jobs are the same. Some women have a knack for giving really good and sensual blow jobs that can just take control of a man. Giving good blow jobs is one thing that contributes to a man’s overall happiness with his sexual relationship. Women sometimes underestimate how much men like receiving blow jobs and the power it has over them…..